Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Un, Tuuuu, Teeeeeeee!

I hear this phrase approximately 126 times a day: “Un, tuuuuu, teeeeeeee!” (Translation = One, two, three!) That “teeee” part is exceptionally high-pitched.

Gavin likes to say this right before he jumps off of the couch… or the kitchen table…or the bar stool… or whatever location he has managed to climb onto before I reach him. When I’m in bed, his favorite way to rouse me is to quietly climb onto the opposite side of where I’m sleeping and dramatically flop onto my stomach.  Of course, I can’t complain because he always gives me a fair warning – you know, a softly whispered, “Un, tuuu, teeeeee!”

Not that I’m getting any special treatment from him or anything. Because, trust me, if you are a visitor at our place – let’s say you’re cozy on the couch watching television – he’ll happily scurry onto the arm of the couch and lunge toward your head, just to make you feel welcome. Furthermore, in an effort to show off, he might even ascend a few shelves on the bookcase, grab an armful of books and dive dramatically back to the carpet to deliver them. If you’re really lucky, while you’re standing in the middle of the living room playing the Wii he will drag his clothes hamper into the room, climb on it and dive toward you – promptly knocking you on your arse and causing you to ruin any chances of winning the game. Of course he never does any of this without first voicing his slogan of “Un, tuuuu, teeee!”

This activity is not limited to our home only, if you were wondering. Getting from my car and across the parking lot to the library is usually a series of squats, un-tu-teees and leaping. (Hmmm, I really hope you can get that image in your head.) If I’m at your house and place my purse on a counter, he might manage to scale that particular counter – so that he may rummage through the contents and then pass out tampons to everyone.

After a church service, I’m usually given the same report by whoever is managing the class that day. “Gavin is so well-behaved. He is friendly and always shares the toys. (pause) There is one thing… he likes to, um, climb things… uh, not just the play sets we have for that purpose but other things such as the windowsill and the snack table…”

I like to smile and respond, “Isn’t it awesome that he’s learning to count already?”

Yes, my child is engaging in rather dangerous activity and requires intense supervision, but with the attitude he’s got, I’m excited about his future. There’s something to be learned from the lil daredevil. Sometimes you’ve just got to jump in spite of the risk… even better if you can enjoy the thrill.

Everybody now: Un, tuuu, teeeeee... 

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  1. Un, tuuu, teeeee!!!!!! Think I will. Thnx for the picture painted in this yet another great blog. We should make more leaps.