Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roses Are Not Automatically Romantic

I don't know many women who care much for roses, and yet most women I know love to receive flowers - preferably in public with plenty of witnesses.

So what does this mean? It means there is more to romance than what most people think. Romance is more than the cliche' of rose petals and wine, candles and tear-jerker movies. That doesn't mean it won't sometimes include things of that nature, but it's more about paying attention to the details of the object of your affection.

For example: A man could buy a half dozen red roses for his girl because they're generically associated with love. OR he could buy her daisies because on their first date they went to the fair and she got a daisy painted on her cheek.

Roses say "Hey, I love you and I was thinking about you." That's sweet.
(Granted, some men never even bother with buying roses. Jerks.)

But the daisies say, "Hey, I know you and I love you. I pay attention to this relationship because it means so much to me."

Of course, the daisies are just an example. Maybe the woman you love has a thing for orchids or tulips. Heck maybe she's allergic to flowers altogether but really loves Snickers -- the bite-size ones, mind you. So fill a flower vase full of those and drop them off at her workplace =)

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