Thursday, January 13, 2011

No-uh and the Bark

It pretty much sucks when your toddler tells you "No!" (particularly when there are witnesses) but things go to a whole other level when he takes that itty bitty word and puts an extra syllable on it... ya know, something like this:
NO-UUUUUHH! I don't wanna nap!

Gavin, my adorable and normally incredibly sweet 2-year-old, was recently having an "off" day. Maybe we can blame it on cabin fever thanks to the recent freak ice storm in Georgia, but the same scenario played over and over for about a solid 24 hours....

"Mommy, I want a Cheeto please."
Mommy gives in to request. Gavin takes Cheeto happily - THEN, noticing a mild-mannered dog LYING ON THE COUCH a good SIX FEET AWAY, Gavin feels threatened. So threatened in fact that he can't even manage to bring that coveted Cheeto to his lips. Instead he throws his fist into the air and bellows, "NO-UUUUUH dog - MY Cheeto! No-uh!"

This of course gets the dog's attention. So dog stretches, hops off of couch and steps over to sniff the Cheeto. Well, NO-UH, Gavin can't bear the heartache. He gives the Cheeto to the dog, thrusts his body to the ground with a flood of tears - "No-uuuuuuh!"

Well, now the dog is concerned about Gavin's obvious distress. What can a dog do except bark?!
Such a response is not acceptable to my darling toddler, so he gets louder - NOOO-UUUH DOG!!! NOO-UUH!

Eventually he calmed down, until the next round that is. In all fairness, he did mix it up a little bit:

Later, it's a banana in Gavin's hand. He searches throughout the house calling "C'mere kitty cat, c'mere kitty cat." When the cat presents itself, purring and rubbing against his legs, Gavin begins to shriek "NO-UH! My banana, cat. No-uh! Nooooo-uuuuuh!"

Ahhhh, it's all so hilarious now that I'm not trapped in a house with no internet, no phone and too little sleep =)
To sum it up, it was an experience of Biblical proportion... 


  1. Oh how I feel for you . And I don't mean to be the boomer this will make me sound like . This was the beginning of about a year or 2 that will make you question seriously your choice of parenthood . You will truly learn the meaning of unconditional LOVE . And just how far the human mind can be pushed .
    I called it the wonderful 2's lose the other term altogether . Looking back at all the kids that have graced my life ( daughter ,nephews , nieces , and the most awesome Granddaughter in the world . That time of wonder and discovery is the most dear to my heart .
    And in the words of many wise people before me . This to will pass .
    PS ... When you think about it NO is the first and only power word most likely . So he will stretch a little BABY vocabulary muscle for awhile . Just have fun .

  2. Toooo funny!! Very witty way to write about that situation.

  3. Sorry about going on and on . That was the product of lack of sleep . You where telling acute little story and I went off like Dr. Phil or something ...

  4. hahaha, thnx for ur input "Dr." Keith ;)

  5. Jenn this is too're a very engaging writer...have you written any books? I'd like to read more if you have them!

    Peace, Love, and Cheetos! ;-)