Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Letter to Wisdom

Wisdom: Apprehending true nature through intuitive understanding: Insight.

My Darling Little Boy, Gavin Wisdom Scott,

    When we first decided to use Wisdom as your middle name, I just thought it was cool. I mean all the time you hear of girls named Faith, Joy, Grace or Hope - yet how often do you meet a guy named Truth, Justice or Trust? 
     Over time I've realized that we could not have chosen a more appropriate name for you. Wisdom is about seeing allll the little details but never losing sight of the big picture... comprehending that life and people really are good at the root of it all. Wisdom is about seeing the motivation and not getting sidetracked by the action.
     Gavin, you are the indisputable raw evidence that at least once in my life I got it right. The moment you looked at me with those intensely alert eyes, my heart stopped - yet I didn't feel like I was about to die, to cease existing. I realized there was so much more to my very being, that I had barely begun to live in the first place.
      Over the last two years you have made my heart stop and made it race on a fairly consistent basis. And I don't mind, because you've put this heart of mine to the best possible use - you have taught it to love without condition. Yup, beyond the crazy heart palpitations is a slow and steady pulse that will never desist. You have taught my heart something it simply cannot unlearn. I can never stop loving you.
      I love that you talk too much and repeat EVERYTHING that I say. I love that heartbreakingly adorable little gap between your front teeth. I adore the way you laugh. I'm crazy about your dance moves and your obvious natural music ability. I love how you think smiling means you're supposed to squint your eyes. It makes me grin how you think a hug is not a hug unless you've been patted on the back. I love your big ole head and that floppy hair - those ocean eyes of yours melt my heart.
     I love the way you say "Mommy"... I love YOU.

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby Boy!!!



  1. Sweet...and awesome.
    "Happy Birthday Gavin!"

    Great post Jenn. -Karl Cobos

  2. Very well said... He is all those things and more. I love this boy you brought to us. Thank you for literally walking up to death's door to bring this beautiful life we call Gavin Wisdom Scott into our environment. I will always love you for that.


  3. These words will mean so much to him someday ... What and awesome Mom ... Happy Birthday little guy ...

  4. This is so sweet! Where's the kleenex? Happy Birthday Gavin! You are one lucky lil man to have such awesome parents!